Tausala Polynesia

  Hawaiian Leis - Fresh Orchid Leis, Silk Leis, Kukui Nut & Shell Leis

Hawaiian Leis Available

       Fresh Single lei          Fresh Double lei - DYED    Loose orchids-for lei-making

 Fresh Ti Leaf Lei w/ Bombay Orchids - custom made

Kukui Nut Leis (loose kukui nuts also available)
Assorted Kukui Nut Leis                 Also Available for lei-making          bracelets/anklets

SILK LEIS / loose leis also available for lei-making
Green silk lei                  Lilly and Poppy lei               Assorted Silk Leis

Double Fuschia                Island lei w/ green leaf   Exotic Lillies 

    Solid Color Leis                Summer Leis                       Two-Tone Assorted Leis

Other Kukui Nut Leis / Shell Leis
Kukui Nut w/ white shell    white kukui nut            Plain brown kukui nut

Kukui nut w/ yellow shell                            White dovetail shell leis

Please note: We make our own leis.
Please call 424-244-0034 for quotes. price subject on number of order. Bulk orders available.  Our rates are lower than retail.